Homework Help

How can you help at home?

Here we will add a variety of useful links that you and your children can follow to help them learn at home. Please check regularly as we will be adding more as the term progresses.

Connected Learning

Video Introduction - An animated introduction to our study of the Ancient Egyptians. 

Facts about Ancient Egypt - National Geographic site with cool facts about ancient Egypt and other cool information. 

Ancient Egypt for Kids - Great site with easy to understand information about the ancient Egyptians and their civilization

History for Kids - Another great site with lots of information about various aspects of ancient Egyptian civilization


Front Row - We use this in school each week to help improve the children's mathematics skills. They can collect coins for lessons/activities completed and we are also able to monitor their level to see which areas they need help with. 

Adapted Mind and Math ABC - Straight forward and well explained maths lessons for a variety of Year 3 level topics. 

Khan Academy - The famous Khan Academy! Their math missions guide learners from kindergarten to calculus using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps.  

Multiplication Games - Great selection of interesting games about multiplication. 

Math Game Time, - A few sites that offer a great collection of mathematics games.


Code.org - Excellent website with courses for learning the basics of coding/programming. Also has many extra fun projects to do and, 'hour of code' activities.\

LOGO Interpreter - Control the where the turtle moves using LOGO code.