Saturday, 26 May 2018

Khao Kheow Open Zoo!

Despite being really tired afterwards, it was unanimously agreed that our residential trip to Khao Kheow Open Zoo was fantastic! 

On our first day we were introduced to our guides and learnt about the history of the zoo and its conservation effort. Afterwards was a whirlwind tour of the animals in the park, with highlights including, feeding the giraffes, the bird parade and visiting Lemur Island.  

After an evening of fun games and activities, we slept in exciting bunk bed dormitories with our friends. We were so tired, nearly everyone was asleep before 9:30pm! For most of us, this was the first time we have stayed away from home, but we handled it maturely and really, what better place to spend the night than in the zoo with all the other monkeys!? 

On the second and final day, we went on a nature trail, up the hill in the jungle, and learnt about the uses of different native plants. Following that we went to the 'sustainability village' and discovered how to make soap with natural products. 

What a trip it was! Take a look at some of the select shots below and see the entire album by clicking here. It is an open album, so if anyone who took a camera along would like to upload their on pictures, that would be great! Also, Year 3 children, please add some comments about your favourite parts of the trip...

Special thanks to Khun Orathai and Khun Su for all their help and hard work on the trip!

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Giant Scrabble!

This week we began using our new giant Scrabble set. 3G and 3I battled it out to see who would be the first round of champions. It was a game of cat and mouse right up until the last few moves. In the end 3I won by several points. Well done!

I'm pleased to say that children on both sides showed a great deal of enthusiasm and effort and we all look forward to the next game! In the mean time there are plenty of Scrabble apps you can use to help improve tactics and vocabulary. Official Scrabble and Words with Friends are just a few.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018


In maths we have been learning all about fractions for the last few weeks. We know the parts of a fraction, we can name them, we can add together fractions with the same denominator and we can answer many related word problems.

Here are just fraction of the fun and challenging activities we have been doing...

Maths Mystery Box

The return of the maths mystery box. This time, the children had to answer questions about their current topic, time. Unfortunately for them this time, they ran out of time. 2 out of 4 groups managed to open up their locks and even the master lock was opened, however, with 2 locks remaining unopened, the children didn't get to find out what was in ythe mystery box this time.