Wednesday, 25 April 2018

You Are What You Eat

For the first part of his final term, the name of our connected learning topic is, 'You Are What You Eat'. In this topic we will learn about nutrition and balanced diets, food webs and types of consumers, the structure and function of teeth and the process of digestion in humans.
It's going to be a fun topic packed full of science! To supplement it we have our residential trip to Khao Kaheow Open Zoo from the 24-25 May. We can't wait!

Please click on the following (or above) to read our latest newsletter and take a look at the curriculum map for this final term.


  1. We are what you eat is a fun subject we get to do food diarys and learn the food groups.

  2. Process of digestion in humans.. This is a very interesting topic. Children will know this very helpful. And you go to the zoo. How cool it is. Happy for you.