Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Homework Matrix

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As with our previous topic on Ancient Egypt, we will have a homework matrix for Light Fantatstic. The idea is the same.

There is a madatory task (which all children are expected to complete) and a large selection of optional tasks. Completion of each task will enable the children to earn Dojo points.

The more effort and the higher the quality their work is, the more points they can attain. Click here for the full matrix (including links).

We had some spectacular projects from the children for our last topic, so we are hoping for the same or even better this time. Have fun and learn as much as you can!

Helpful links will be posted to our homework helper section by the end of this week...


  1. homework matrix is fun whith crafts

  2. homework matrix is sometimes hard sometimes triky you need to make things.search how to make it.

  3. Mr Matt how did you know what video should you show us about light?

  4. I know how to make a shadow of my name example*take a piece of paper and write on it and cut it and turn off lights and turn on your flashlight on the name.