Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Field Trip - Wat Ban Don

On Monday 26 March we went on a trip to Wat Ban Don to supplement our study of light and shadows.

'Nang Yai' is a form of shadow puppetry that uses large pieces of leather carved and painted into different characters. Wat Ban Don is part temple, part museum, part school and part performance centre for this traditional Thai art form.

We visited the museum first, which collects and displays hundreds of traditional shadow puppets, in different sizes and characters, some of which are aged more than 200 years old!

Following that we were very lucky that the puppeteers, all children, some younger than us, were able to miss a little bit of school to show us bits of their spectacular Nang Yai performance.

Afterwards, they also took the time to show us how they made their own shadow puppets and even gave us a chance to try it out for ourselves. Their skill at both performing and making these works of art was inspiring.

When we returned to school we wrote up a report about our trip and made our own shadow puppets and made a little show to end the school day. All in all, we enjoyed it very much and learned lots of things about shadow puppetry.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Club registration for term 3 is now open. Please click the link below to register your child.

Dear parents,

It is time to register for Term 3 clubs. Clubs will continue to be held on
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2.20- 3.00pm. Please sign up through
Google Forms.

Below is a description of the clubs on offer for Term 3
(Tuesday April 24 –Thursday June 28).

Please encourage your child to sign up for the clubs they are interested in as soon as
possible. The Google Form will open on Monday March 26 at 8.00am and close on
Wednesday March 28 at 3.00pm.

Any student not registered at this time, will be allocated a club based on availability.

Please note that some students need to register for English Plus, FOBISIA,
Thai Summer Concert and/or  Spanish Dance clubs. The club leaders will let
your child know if they should register for one of these clubs.


Paper Doll Making (Y1-3) A fun club where you can get creative designing paper dolls.
Lego (Y1-3) Be creative and make fun projects with Lego.
Fun Dance (Y1-4) Learn some new moves and get some exercise at the same time!
Colouring (Y1-3) Have fun colouring your favourite pictures.
Library (Y1-2) Storytelling & fun-filled crafts
Sports (Y1-2) Burn off some energy playing a different sport each week.
English Plus (Y3-6 ELS) Improve your English with ICT, reading and board games.
This club is for ELS students.
Backgammon (Y3-6) A board game played with dice and counters where players
try to be the first to gather their pieces into one corner and then strategically remove
them from the board.
Skateboarding & Inline Skating (Y3-6) Practise skateboarding and/or inline skating
on the hard court. Help making small ramps to use. Children must bring
their own equipment and wear a helmet.
Junior Choir (Y3-6) Preparation for the GIS summer concert.
FOBISIA Team Training (Y4-6) This club is only for students who are in the FOBISIA team.
Card and Board Games (Y4-6) Bring a deck of cards or your favourite board game and
learn to play amazing new games.
Action Sports (Y4-6) Actions sports is a competitive team sports club.
Badminton (Y4-6) Badminton is played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net.
Please bring your own racket.


Puzzle Fun (Y1-2) Take part in a variety of fun puzzles, mental challenges and online
Playground Games (Y1-2) Learn some new games or play your favourites.
Fun Dance (Y1-2) Learn some new moves and get some exercise at the same time!
Printing & Handwriting (Y1-3) Practise your printing and handwriting in this club.
Yoga (Y1-2) Stretch and have fun learning new yoga moves.
Origami (Y1-4) Origami is the art of paper folding. Learn how to change a flat sheet of
recycled paper into a decorative shape.
Thai Summer Concert (Y3) This is a compulsory club for Thai Year 3 students who are
performing in the GIS Summer Concert.
Gardening (Y3-6) Get your hands dirty planting seeds, digging and watering!
Nerf Gun (Y4-6) Bring along your Nerf gun and enjoy fun games and target practice.
Upcycling (Y3-6) Also known as 'creative reuse', this club will turn your junk
into something useful.
Computer Chess (Y3-6) A game for two players in which each player starts with
16 pieces on a checkerboard and tries to trap the opponent's king.
Global Action (Y3-6) Learn more about ways we can help improve our priceless
environment and our communities.
Spanish Dance (Y4-5) This is a compulsory dance preparation club for Spanish
students who are performing in the GIS Summer Concert.
Fun Reading (Y3-6) Bring your favourite book and enjoy reading time!
Cartoon Drawing (Y1-4) Bring your coloured pencils and a book and have fun learning
how to draw.
Guitar (Y6) Learn the basics of guitar playing.
Mandarin Language & Chinese Dance (Y4-5) A fun mixture of language and dancing
Maths Investigations (Y4-6) A club for everyone, whether you like maths or not.
Problem solving activities that are inclusive, fun and often puzzling.
First Aid (Y6) Learn basic First Aid and know what to do in an emergency. Y6 students
must do this club one time.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Day and Night

In connected learning we are learning all about how day and night occur. Click here for a great site to see where on earth it is day and night in real time. In class we used it (in combination with atlases) to predict what time of day or night it would be in a particular country. Take a look...

Also, Google Earth has a night and day feature which you can turn on too! Just click on the icon (show sunlight on landscape) as shown in the picture of the toolbar below...

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Term 2.2 Outline

Click here or above (curriculum map) for an brief outline of all the cool things the children will be learning about this half of term in Year 3.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Homework Matrix

Image result for the matrix title

As with our previous topic on Ancient Egypt, we will have a homework matrix for Light Fantatstic. The idea is the same.

There is a madatory task (which all children are expected to complete) and a large selection of optional tasks. Completion of each task will enable the children to earn Dojo points.

The more effort and the higher the quality their work is, the more points they can attain. Click here for the full matrix (including links).

We had some spectacular projects from the children for our last topic, so we are hoping for the same or even better this time. Have fun and learn as much as you can!

Helpful links will be posted to our homework helper section by the end of this week...

Monday, 5 March 2018

Welcome Back!

This second half of term 2, our main topic of study is called, 'Light Fantastic'. We will shed light on its uses, its importance, day and night, shadows and reflection. We have lots of interesting activities planned as well as a field trip! As always, keep a check on our blog page to see plenty of photos and updates from class, as well as cool information about our topic.

Click here for our newsletter for this term. 

Here are some excellent quotes about light, of which there are plentiful...

'Give light and people will find the way'
Ella Baker

'Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.' 
Martin Luther King, Jr

'It's during our darkest moments that we must focus and see the light.'