Tuesday, 23 January 2018


In ICT we are working on a coding course provided by the amazing site, code.org. It's a great way to learn about about how games and apps are made and we are on our way to making our own!

At home we can complete any unfnished work from the class and also try our hand at some of the many projects on offer.

The class code for 3I is WNHBGT and the class code for 3G is HPTLMD. From there the children have their own secret login phrase.

H a p p y   c o d i n g ! 

Friday, 12 January 2018

Newsletter, Curriculum Map and Homework Matrix

New Publications

Dear parents and carers, please take a look at our newsletter for this term, our curriculum map for our topic of study and also our homework matrix.

What is the Homework Matrix?

It is a series of homework tasks, which include one mandatory task and ten optional tasks, to do for homework throughout this half of term 3. The children can earn Dojo (class) points for each task they complete.

We would like to encourage independant learning and research from the children and this is a great way to encourage it. As we progress with our study of the ancient Egyptians, we will post pictures relevant links on the blog which will help in many of these tasks.

As always, please feel free to come in and see us or simply send an email if you have any questions regarding the tasks.

Kind regards,

Mr Matt and Ms Christina

Wednesday, 10 January 2018


This term in ICT we will learn all about coding. Code is the language that makes all the games, software and programs we use. In fact, all living things have a code inside their cells called DNA (which are the instructions on how to build it).

To help give you an introduction to coding we can use a basic code called Logo. Click here for the website. The code we write for this gives instructions to a 'turtle' to move and turn and draw a line as it goes.

The code FD 100 will make draw a line. FD 200 will draw a longer line. We can make a left turn (LT) or a right turn (RT) by degrees. For example, RT 90 will turn right 90 degrees. RT 180 will turn around. CS will clear the screen. PU is pen up and PD is pen down. Can you see the pattern?


See if you can find out what shape the following code is for. If you're not sure, you could copy and paste it into the program and see what happens.
FD 150 LT 90 FD 100 LT 90 FD 150 LT 90 FD 100

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to our Year 3 learners! 

We hope you had an amazing but restful break and are ready for the exciting learning we have ahead in term 2! This term our main topic is Ancient Egypt.