Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Making Timelines

In connected learning we have been making timelines to show the history of human flight.

Did you know, the Chinese invented the kite around 400 BC, which is 2417 years ago. Most innovations in flight though. happened in the 1900's (the 20th century). In 1903 (115 years ago), the Wright Brothers successfully flew their plane Flyer-1 for 12 seconds. A year later they flew for five minutes. For every failure, there is a chance to learn, to adapt and improve on what came before.

Look how quickly aviation technology has grown in just a hundred years. Today we have rocket suits and drones! It's likely that soon things will be delivered by drones and our children may even use them to get to school! It's fun to imagine and b a part of what the future may hold.

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  1. Making timelines was great. First,we lined up with different cards,year dates and planes pictures. Then we got in order if somebody's year date was one year early then yours you would go in front and if you're in front of a person that one early than yours you go to the back of them. We did this to everyone. Soon everyone got in order we remembered our orders and we split into groups of fours or threes there were four groups. After that,we got a piece of paper and drew a line in the middle of the piece of paper then we got the cards and the earliest year date card will be glued to the piece of paper on the bottom of the card. The second card would be glued on the top to the piece of paper then the same order like the time we lined up.