Sunday, 5 November 2017

Loy Krathong

Loy” means “float”, and a “krathong” is a special Thai floating sculpture particular to the holiday. The traditional krathong is made from a cross-section of a banana tree trunk, which is then elaborately decorated with folded banana leaves and flowers in intricate towering designs.

Date: Full moon of the 12th Thai month.

Related toTazaungdaing festival (in Myanmar), Bon Om Touk (in Cambodia).

Did you know? Strands of hair, nail clippings or even bits of clothes that one doesn't use anymore are often put into a krathong to get rid of the bad stuff of the past.

Here are some photos of us in traditional Thai dress. How handsome and pretty are we!?


  1. i like to make the loy krathong and it was fun.

  2. I want to go to America in a big plane
    by Namo.

  3. I want to go Asia to see planes taking off.

  4. I would like to go on a big loy krathong because I want to go every where

  5. On Loy Krathong,It was great!In the morning we first put on our beautiful Loy Krathong costumes.After,Lunch we made Krathongs in the Thai rooms.Then,We went to Secondary playground to see some Loy Krathong activities.After That,when it was after school we could float out our Krathongs at a pool at school or the rivers near our home.

  6. I made a Krathong I flout it at a lake