Friday, 29 September 2017

Dear parents,

It is time to register for term 1.2 clubs. Clubs will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:20 -3:00. We are continuing to use the Google Forms format for registration.

Below is a description of the clubs on offer for Term 1.2 (Tuesday, October 31 – Thursday, December14).

Please encourage your child to sign up for the clubs they are interested in as soon as possible. The Google Form will be opened on Monday, October 2 at 3:00 pm and will be open until Thursday, October 5 until 8:00 am.
Any student not registered at this time, will be allocated a club based on availability.

If your Y1-2 child has already signed up for Samba Soccer, please indicate it on the list. As this club is full, no more students are able to join at this point.

Kind regards,
Ms Christina and Mr Garth

Paper Doll Crafts for Y1-3. Show off your creativity and make dolls and their clothes out of paper.
Colouring Club for Y1-3. Enjoy colouring pictures with your friends.
Library for Y1-3. Enjoy storytelling & making crafts.
Slime Making for Y1-2. Learn how to make slime and have fun playing with it. 100 Baht for materials, please.
Football for Y1,2. Improve your football skills!
T-ball For Y 1-2. Practise your batting skills and learn the rules of T-ball.
Lego for Y1-3. Be creative and make fun projects with Lego.
Thai Reading for Y1-3.  Practise your Thai reading skills!
Tag Rugby for Y3-4. A fun and active club where Year 3 & 4 children can learn a new invasion game and develop their throwing, catching and teamwork skills.  
Flower Making for Y3-6. Learn how to make beautiful flowers using paper. Students who joined in T1 should continue in T1.2. 80 Baht charge for new students only, please.
Strings Ensemble for Y4-6. For students who have already signed up in Term 1.
Gardening for Y3-6. Be a part of the exciting GIS Gardening Project.
Skateboarding & Inline skating for Y3-6. Practise skateboarding and/or inline skating on the hard court. Help make small ramps to use. Must bring own equipment and must wear at least a helmet.
Embroidery for Y5-6. Learn to embroider and create patterns. 100 Baht for materials, please.
Backgammon for Y4-5. Backgammon is a board game played with dice and counters in which players try to be the first to gather their pieces into one corner and then systematically remove them from the board.
Basketball for Y3-4. Work on your basketball skills!
Cricket for Y4-6. Cricket is a traditional British game played with a bat and ball.
Nerf guns for Y5-6. Bring your nerf gun and learn new techniques! Safety goggles must be worn and will be provided.
Logic games for Y5-6. Train your brain with a variety of logic games.

Samba Soccer for Y1–2. For pre-registered students only.
Construction for Y1-2. Have some fun and be creative using a variety of materials such as Lego, Duplo and junk.
Origami for Y1-6. Origami is the art of paper folding. The goal is transform a flat sheet of recycled paper into decorative shapes.  
Tux Paint for Y1-2. Have fun drawing and painting with Tux Paint
Handwriting for Y1-3. Improve your handwriting!
Fun Dance for Y1-6. Learn some new moves and get some exercise at the same time!
Thai Politeness for Y1-2. Learn traditional Thai greetings and customs.
Pirate Club for Y1-3. Have fun with pirate games and be creative! Make pirate stuff using a variety of materials. 40 Baht for materials, please.
Mandarin for Y3-5. Improve your Mandarin skills.
Global Action for Y3-6. Learn more about ways we can help improve our priceless environment and our communities.
Basketball for Y3-4. Improve your bouncing and shooting skills and have fun at the same time.
LAMDA Y5-6 LAMDA is an acting and public speaking club.  You will learn technical and practical skills and work towards the Grade 1 LAMDA examination.  There is an approximate 2000 Baht fee for the examination and therefore anyone attending the club will need to have permission from their parents/caregivers.
Basic Muay Thai for Y5-6. Muay Thai provides specific techniques for self-defence and a boost of physical stamina.
First Aid for Y6. Learn basic First Aid and know what to do in an emergency. All Y6 students must take this club at some point over the year.
Chess for Y4-6 Have fun learning new strategies whilst playing chess.
Badminton for Y5-6. Badminton is a fun sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net.
Card games for Y4-6. Bring a deck of cards and learn to play amazing new games.

Spanish for Y6. This club is for students who already speak some Spanish and want to improve.

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