Friday, 2 June 2017

Our first residential! - Khao Kheow Zoo...

On June 1 and 2, Year 3 visited Khao Kheow Open Zoo for an action packed adventure!
To see all of our photographs, please visit our folder.

This was our first residential and for a few it was the first time they had spend a night away from a parent. Some were a little nervous as we left - but this feeling soon disappeared. 

When we arrived we were greeted by our 4 amazing guides - they really looked after us throughout our trip. We started by walking around the open zoo.

After that, we were lucky enough to have a close encounter with the penguins. We fed them fish!

We also fed many other animals and listened to a few informative talks. Which animals can you spot?

We were sooooooo tired out! We then went to see where we were sleeping, and ate a delicious meal. After a short break we headed back to the zoo and departed on a night tour to see all of the nocturnal animals. We watched the tiger being fed, then we each fed one a piece of meat too!

After all the excitement many of us were ready to get showered and go to sleep. We slept in bunk beds - it was great! Some of us had never shared a room before. In the morning we couldn't stop talking about what an amazing time we were having. Jihoon even wanted to move to the Zoo!

We embarked on a trek with a very experienced guide. We learnt all about common plants grown in Thailand that could be used to cure medical issues. We were fascinated!  

Interestingly, we were then taught how to make our own soap using natural ingredients. 

The children were also excited to see animal skulls and discussed which teeth they could see. 


We really did have a fantastic trip! So many memories made to be cherished. 
Please view all of the photos in the folder and download as a keepsake. Our blog will be deleted over summer, so please do it as soon as possible. 

Thursday, 25 May 2017

What a stink!

As part of our topic - You Are What You Eat - Year 3 have been learning about the digestive system. 

We answered the key question - What happens to the food we eat? 

We found out that the food we eat goes on a journey through the digestive system. After learning about this by listening to a drama filled story, we then recreated the process.

Step one - cut up the banana
Firstly, we cut the banana up into mouth sized chunks - similar to the size we would eat each mouthful.

Step two - Put the banana into the mouth

We then placed the banana chunks into the jug - sorry we mean mouth ;). Ready to be chewed.
Step three - chewing and the stomach
Next we needed to chew our food and churn it just like our stomach does with its muscles. We used a blender to represent these processes.
Step 4 - the food moves from the stomach to the intestine
We set up the intestine (stocking) and added the black pasta to represent the food already in there. We then poured the contents of the stomach (which was a wet mush) into the intestine (stocking).
….. This was quite tricky - it started to get messy!
Step 5 - The intestine does its magic!
We then acted like the intestine. Our stocking didn’t have any muscles so we squeezed the sides continuously instead. All the goodness began to come out of the banana and out of the intestine wall.
… Onto our hands!!!!.....         What    a    mess.

Step 6 - the poo exits the body
We only spent 5 minutes squeezing as the intestine - but in our daily lives food takes about 5 hours to pass through both the small and large intestines… We squeezed what we had left and this was the end result - our banana poo!