Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Club Registration Term 2

Club registration for term 2 is now open. Please click the link below to register your child.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Here are the clubs being offered for Term 2. 

Day 3
Kite making and flying Y1-6- Have fun making and flying different kinds of kites in this club.
Global Action Y1-6 - Get involved and learn about how we can make our school and our wold a better place by taking action on environmental and social justice issues.
Parkour Club Y3-6Basic Parkour skills training, fitness, core strength and gymnastics combined. There will be some tumbling, and lots of running! Aim is to be able to step run, rail run, vault and bar turn safely.
Cartoon Club Y1-3 Have fun watching educational cartoons in this club.
Boxing and self-defence training Y5-6- Come and learn a bit of boxing and other martial arts. Be prepared to have fun but work hard.
Harry Potter ClubY4-6- Children will explore the Harry Potter Universe through role-play, crafts, reading and watching.
First Aid Y6- Learn basic First Aid and know what to do in an emergency. All Y6 students must take this club at some point over the year.
Badminton Y4-6- Badminton is a racquet sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net/ a line (without a net).
Making flowers Y3-6- We will make different kinds of flower from paper.
Playing cards Y1-6- Ordinary Playing Cards can be used to play many different types of games. We try out some games where you need to be lucky, think carefully or just be very fast.
Football Y1-3- Improve your football skills!
The Cities of Gold  Y4-6- Learn more about Spanish culture
Thai Stories Y1-6 - Learning Thai stories by reading and acting!
Mandarin Y3-6 – For returning students only
Lego Y1-3 - Building with Lego is a great opportunity for children to use their skills and imaginations to create things and use them in play.
Free Drawing Y1-3 - Improving students’ drawing skills
Play dough Y1-3 Make art and craft using play dough
Tux paint Y1-3- Tux paint is a computer literacy drawing activity. Kids are presented with a blank canvas and a variety of drawing tools to help them be creative.
Handwriting Club Y1-3 - The handwriting club will be focused on correct letter formations and handwriting stamina.
Invasion games Y4-6- An active sports club focusing on the skills, ability and tactics needed for invasion games such as tag rugby, hockey and football.
Storytelling and Crafting- Develop students' communicative skills by linking stories they have been told to different kinds of crafts they make. The activity gives both 'edutainment' and a sense of 'hyperlink' which are advantageous for students' studies in every subject at all levels.

Day 5
Origami Y1-6- Origami is the art of paper folding. The goal is to transform a flat sheet square of paper into decorative shapes and figures.
UNO Y3-6- Have fun playing this all-time favourite card game.
Homework Y3-4- Homework club offers children the chance to complete their homework, or to finish any work they didn't finish in class time. This is a great chance for students to also tick off tasks from their optional homework matrix.
Boxing and self-defence training Y5-6- Come and learn a bit of boxing and other martial arts. Be prepared to have fun but work hard.
Movie Club Y4-6- Children will have the opportunity to enjoy a range of cinema, including famous and poignant children's films.
Just Dance Y1-3- Develop your dance styles!
Crafts Y4-6 - Create things from recycling materials
Swimming Club (Yr1-2) - Introduces children to 3 different strokes: freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke.
Swimming (Yr3-6) – Swimming sessions include: Aquatic Breathing, Streamlining Travel & coordination
Recycling-Y1-6 Recycling is the practise of reusing items that would otherwise be thrown away as trash. How does recycling help the environment? We will look at ways to reduce / reuse as well as recycle.
Pre-writing and Colouring Y1-3- Will help students develop their pencil control and concentration using a wide range of activities.
Eco Music Club Y3-6- Music ensemble will include instruments from recycled materials e.g. bottle, cardboard etc.
String Ensemble Y4-6- String ensemble in preparation for the Summer Concert
Book CraftingY4-6 Focuses on students' creativity and appreciation on books. In the crafting process, students learn how to make different kinds of books, journals, diaries, bookmarks, etc., including composing easy texts/stories to suit their crafts. It is hope that, after doing this activity, students' reading motivation and appreciation will arise.
Tux paintY1-3 Tux paint is a computer literacy drawing activity. Kids are presented with a blank canvas and a variety of drawing tools to help them be creative.
Boxing and self-defence training Y5-6 Come and learn a bit of boxing and other martial arts. Be prepared to have fun but work hard.

Chess Y3-6 – A two-player strategy board game played on a chessboard.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


For the last 3 weeks Year 3 have been learning about mass in Mathematics. We have learnt about the units Kg and g.

Using balance scales and weighing scales we have had lots of fun learning how to read the scale and measuring amounts.

We are continuing to apply what we have learnt about mass to answer worded questions. 

Please keep practising addition and subtraction with regrouping, timestables and number bonds to 100 at home. 

Book Week!

Year 3 really enjoyed Book Week! 

We had a whole day off timetable - it was so much fun! Our theme this year was endangered animals. We dressed up as an endangered animal of our choice and started the day celebrating all of our fantastic costumes in a parade. It was lovely to see all of the amazing costumes (thankyou adults!).

We then went to visit the library. We were split into four groups and we had a practise preforming a poem about animals. It was very fun - we got to add actions and sound effects. We were judged by our teachers and the lucky winners won vouchers to spend at the book fair.

Then the fun really began. During the morning Y1 and Y2 started to write a story - it was then passed to us and we had to create a problem. Mr Paul and Mr Garth helped us out and we enjoyed adding interesting adjectives and powerful verbs. We also saw Ms Michelle for a musical story, and heard about endangered animals in Thai class through Thai stories.

After lunch, we then caught up with what Y4 had written when they continued the story. We then created the settings for the stage and all of the props we needed. Ms Georgina's class really enjoyed creating underpants and a cape for 'Super Duck'.

At the end of the day, we went to the hall to watch Y6 preform the 2 finished stories. They were amazing - so much humor!

During the week, we also visited R.E.Ps for the book fair, listened to mystery readers in the library at break time and we were even lucky enough to visit a real life author - Gail Clarke. She was absolutely amazing to listen to and she had us hooked! We had an amazing week!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Trip to The Royal Thai Navy Weather Station

Year 3 had a fantastic time visiting The Royal Thai Navy Weather Station in Sattahip.

They were amazed to see all the equipment they had been learning about in action.

They even saw a wind vane as tall as themselves!

Their favourite part of the visit was blowing the weather balloons up and carrying them to the roof.


The children released them into the sky and watched them soar high. They also tracked them using a telescope.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Dear parents and guardians,
Welcome back! We are looking forward to an exciting and educational start to the second term!
Key dates:
·         Jan 19 – Primary has Talent assembly Heat One / U-Smile photo order deadline
·         Jan 30 – House t-shirt day
·         Feb 7 – Navy Weather Station field trip
·         Feb 8 – Deadline for Weather and Climate matrix projects
·         Feb 9 – Primary Sports Day (house t-shirt day)
·         Feb 10 – Last day of half term
What will be learning about this half term?

We will learn the components of a Non Chronological report, based on the text ‘The Storm Unicorn.’ Students will plan and write their own report. We will be focusing on the key features: title, introduction paragraph, sub-headings, information paragraphs, key facts and photographs with captions.

This term we will be learning about 2, 5, 10 times tables followed by the 3,4 times tables. We will start by consolidating our times tables. We will work on the division facts in relation to the times tables. After we can confidently multiply and divide, we will apply our knowledge by answering one and two step word problems.

Connected Learning
Our new topic is Weather and Climate. Please see our homework matrix which explains the Key Questions we will be covering this topic and the projects students can create at home. We will be going to the Thai Royal Navy Weather Station in Sattahip to consolidate our learning about weather and forecasting.

  • Key questions: What is weather? How do we forecast the weather and why does it change? Can you name and spot different types of clouds? Why and how does it rain? What is climate? How do I use an atlas to find information? Why do some countries have different climates than others? How do weather and climate affect people and their environment?
Polite reminders:

  •        Please ensure all students come to class prepared with a water bottle, homework diary and pencil case (containing a pencil, glue stick, sharpener, ruler and colours).
  •       Students are not supervised before 7:30. Please do not bring your children before then.
Please contact us if you have any questions. Also, please keep checking our Year 3 blog to see updates in the classroom. Year3@gardenrayong.com

Kind regards,

Ms Christina and Ms Georgina

Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Yesterday, we all went to the main hall to watch the postponed Diwali performances. It was fantastic to see Primary, Secondary and IB students performing a range of acts together.

Here are some pictures taken during the event;


We were also treated to a special dance routine featuring teachers;